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October 2017

I was referred to Nika by a close friend and I truly cannot put into words how positive the experience was. As a first time home buyer I had no idea what to expect. Nika took me out for coffee during our initial meeting, and the rest is history… 
Some key attributes: 
Communication- Nika was on the ball at all steps in the process; she had a schedule of properties to view less than 24 hours after I initially contacted her. She notified my boyfriend and me via phone, in person, and email about new listings, the status of homes we were interested in, and what concerns may arrive as we moved forward in the process. She broke down the estimated fees/costs of everything involved so that we weren’t left in a panic when closing day came.

Negotiation- We fell in love with a house thanks to Nika broadening the search parameters I had given her. Nika contacted the realtor the same day we viewed the home and found out that another offer was pending. She told the seller about my boyfriend and I and the love that we have for the Ferndale area 🙂 We put in an offer based off her recommendation, and within 48 hours we were the new future owners. 
Nika saved us thousands of dollars on the home we purchased through persistent contact and negotiating with the realtor/seller of the property.

Personable- Nika was extremely professional and fun! She wants to know everything about her clients in order to understand what type of home they are looking for (even if they themselves aren’t certain). She has a great sense of humor and she is honest about all parts of the home-buying process. She is extremely dedicated to her clients and never wants anyone to “settle” on a home. I never felt rushed to make a decision, if anything, Nika wanted to make sure that I wasn’t rushing the process 😉 
She was timely and organized and she always found time in her busy schedule if I needed to meet with her or talk on the phone. The entire process from looking at houses to signing the paperwork and getting the keys took less than 6 weeks. 
The inspector and lender she recommended were both exceptional as well! She made buying a home as fun and stress-free as possible.
I sincerely recommend Nika Jusufi to anyone starting the home-buying process. You will be thankful to know her 🙂

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